Titan Poker Bonus Code

The special bonus that we are offering for new Titan Poker players is a 200% up to $2000 deposit bonus and a $25 instant bonus added to your account. This is the largest sign up bonus that you can get at Titan Poker. Take this opportunity to claim the best Titan Poker bonus for your new account today. To do this simply enter in our featured Titan Poker bonus code during sign up and you will be on your way to collecting your sweet bonus.

$25 Instantly Free +200% up to $2000 Deposit Bonus

The Titan Poker Bonus Doesn’t End Here -

Not only will you get a sweet cash bonus totally to $2025, but you will also get free entries to Titan Poker Freeroll’s. These Freeroll’s are only available to the newest players that sign up with a bonus code. Entering into these Freeroll’s allow you to increase your bankroll quickly. You will also be entered into Titan Poker’s guaranteed tournaments of $100K every Friday.

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Smoking in Casinos! Say Hello To E-Cigarettes

Many people who gamble also smoke. Some do it to alleviate in-game stress while some others simply crave for the physiological satisfaction of cigarettes. The problem with smoking at a casino poker game is that, like most enclosed areas, fume buildup can irritate the eyes and make breathing difficult. Cigarette ash can also damage the felt and railing of the table.

Cigarettes are now banned on the floor in most casinos, and smokers are turning to ecigs to get around these restrictions. Electronic cigarettes mimic natural smoking behavior without the negative effects of tobacco. No lingering odor, no carbon monoxide, and no mess.

V2 Cigs e-cigarettes (full review here) allows you to vape virtually anywhere – play a card game, hit the slot machines, or grab a drink from the bar while enjoying your favorite tobacco or menthol flavors. You’ll be able to spend a whole lot less on maintaining the habit and save your cash for betting when you use the following V2 coupon codes!

If you have any questions or need help with claiming your Titan Poker bonus. Please Contact GUI. We will be happy to help you anyway we can.